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The education sector has seen many changes and innovations over the years. Teachers need to upgrade their skills continuously to match students’ learning methods and new-age technology tools.

Ampersand Group provided over 90 hours of online teacher training, across 36 modules to cover 21st century approaches to Learning, Pedagogy and Evaluation, features of smart classroom with activities covering:

  • Basic in Microsoft Office and ICT Tools
  • Basics in Health and Nutrition
  • Basics in Safety Practices in School
  • Understanding Adolescence
  • Spectrum of Special Needs
  • 21st Century Approaches to Learning, Pedagogy and Evaluation

Teachers acquired in-depth knowledge of each topic, encompassing:

  • Training in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Information and Communication Technology, Web 2.0, teaching tools like digital boards for teaching
  • 3 pillars of development, importance of a balanced diet and impact of malnutrition on a child’s development, school’s role in nutrition and health management of a child, importance of maintaining hygiene
  • Safety management, audit and monitoring, first aid, disease management, safety in the school, classroom and bus, fire safety and drills and emotional health
  • Understanding Adolescence, stages of adolescence, needs and problems of an adolescent, learning challenges during adolescence, impact of different parenting styles and substance abuse in adolescence
  • Types of cognitive, learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairment, medical conditions, barriers to communication and interaction, social, emotional abilities and challenges of a special child
  • Understanding learning and pedagogy, teaching evaluation and assessment, approach to 21st century learning, pedagogy, digital classroom, holistic evaluation and teacher roles

Teachers showed a marked improvement in all courses. Ampersand Group is proud to have enabled continuous professional development for teachers in Assam, thus ensuring that teachers see a progression in their careers as well as students benefit from teaching that is more exposed to innovations, technologically savvy and customised to their students.

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