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Continuous Professional Development Training for Teachers in Assam by Ampersand Group

By Ampersand Group

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, staying up-to-date about the latest teaching methodologies and integrating cutting-edge technology into the classroom is important for teachers.

Recognising the need for continuous professional development of teachers, Ampersand Group has taken a significant step in empowering teachers in Assam. Through an extensive 90 hours of online teacher training program, we have equipped teachers in Assam with the knowledge and skills required to align with the 21st-century approaches to learning, pedagogy, and evaluation. One of the key highlights was the incorporation of features of a smart classroom, including the utilisation of digital boards for teaching.

The continuous professional development for teachers covered a wide spectrum of topics spanned across 36 modules essential for holistic teacher development.

Ampersand Group - CPD training for teachers

What are the key modules and learning objectives of CPD training for teachers?

1. Microsoft Office and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Tools

This module laid the groundwork for harnessing technology in the educational sphere. Teachers learned the fundamentals of Microsoft Office and ICT tools, equipping them with essential digital skills. One of the core components covered in the training is the incorporation of smart classroom features. The curriculum focused on harnessing the power of ICT and Web 2.0 to enhance the teaching and learning experience. A special emphasis was placed on utilizing digital boards for teaching, a fundamental feature of modern smart classrooms.

2. Health and Nutrition Basics

The significance of health and nutrition in a child's development cannot be overstated. Teachers received training on the three pillars of development, the importance of a balanced diet and the potential impact of malnutrition on a child's overall well-being.

3. Safety Practices in Schools

Safety is a paramount concern in any educational institution. Teachers underwent training in safety management, audit and monitoring procedures, first aid, disease management and protocols for safety in various settings such as the school, classroom and school bus. The importance of emotional health was also emphasized in this module.

4. Understanding Adolescence

Navigating the complexities of adolescence was a crucial aspect of the training. Teachers gained insights into the stages of adolescence, the needs and problems faced by adolescents, learning challenges during this period, the impact of different parenting styles and issues related to substance abuse.

5. Spectrum of Special Needs

Ampersand Group recognised the diverse needs of students and addressed them through training in various aspects of special education. This module covered types of cognitive, learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairment, medical conditions, barriers to communication and interaction and the social and emotional challenges faced by special-needs students.

6. 21st Century Approaches to Learning, Pedagogy and Evaluations

The training concluded with a comprehensive module on modern teaching methodologies. Teachers explored concepts such as learning and pedagogy, teaching evaluation and assessment and the role of technology in education, including the use of digital classrooms.

With this training, teachers were able to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and the evolving needs of today's digitally-driven classrooms. They gained practical knowledge and hands-on experience in utilising technological tools to create engaging and interactive learning environments.

The training extended beyond academic aspects to encompass the holistic development of both teachers and students. Teachers gained insights into nutrition, safety and emotional well-being—elements that contribute significantly to a conducive learning environment. This holistic approach ensured that teachers are well-equipped to address not only academic needs but also the overall well-being of their students.


In the pursuit of excellence in education, continuous professional development is not just a requirement but a commitment to nurturing the future. Ampersand Group's CPD training for teachers in Assam stands as a testament to the organization's dedication to advancing education through innovative teaching methodologies, technology integration and a holistic approach to teacher development.

The program’s success was evident from the marked improvement exhibited by participating teachers across all courses. Ampersand Group takes pride in contributing to the continuous professional development of teachers, a factor that not only propels their careers forward but also ensures that students benefit from a more enriched and tailored learning experience.

Ampersand Group - Continuous professional development for teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was the effectiveness of the training programme measured, and what specific improvements or outcomes were observed among the participating teachers?

The effectiveness of the training programme was assessed through various means, including monitoring the performance and progress of participating teachers throughout the courses.

Specific improvements noted among the teachers included enhanced proficiency in utilizing digital tools and technologies, better understanding of modern teaching methodologies, increased awareness of health, safety, and nutrition issues, and improved ability to address the diverse needs of students, including those with special needs.

2. Are there any plans to expand this training programme to other regions or states beyond Assam, and if so, what are the criteria for selecting the areas where it will be implemented?

While the article doesn't explicitly mention plans for expanding the training programme beyond Assam, it can be inferred that such expansions may be considered based on the success and positive outcomes observed in Assam.

However, the specific criteria for selecting new regions or states for implementation are not provided. Factors such as the educational needs of different areas, availability of resources, and partnerships with local educational authorities may influence the decision to expand the programme.

3. What ongoing support or resources will be provided to the teachers who completed the training to ensure they continue to implement and integrate the knowledge and skills gained into their teaching practices effectively?

The article does not detail specific ongoing support or resources for teachers who completed the training. However, it can be assumed that Ampersand Group would provide continued assistance and follow-up sessions to ensure the sustained implementation of newly acquired skills and knowledge.

This might include access to online resources, periodic check-ins or refresher courses, and opportunities for further professional development or networking within the educational community.

CPD Training for Teachers in Assam | Ampersand Group
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