About Eduspark

Founded nearly two decades ago with the sole objective of providing quality education to all; we, at Eduspark have primarily focused on K-12 Schooling, Teacher Training, Vocational Training and Certifications.

Along with creating our own blend of conventional and digital curriculums for our K-12 schools, we have additionally also developed a robust support system essential for their daily seamless operations. It includes all practical aspects of the schooling operation chain, namely School Supplies Solutions, School Technological Solutions, Student Transportation Solutions, School Safety Solutions, Sports & Cultural Event Management Solutions, School Nutritional Solutions and School Infrastructural Solutions.

The need of the hour in most functioning schools is to create both,   traditional as well as technological learning ecosystems; which would in turn ensure equal opportunity across demographics, higher knowledge retention rates and awareness on a global level.

Lately, we, at Eduspark have been seeking to provide end-to-end educational solutions for middle and lower-income groups, predominantly through the PPP model (Public-Private Partnership) with various governments. Beyond the K-12 spectrum, we have additionally developed skill-based programmes such as Vocational Training and Certification, Teacher Training and Certification, Soft Skills Training, and Technical Skills Training with the objective to delve into the vast pool of talented yet untapped human capital, whilst using our academic and technical expertise along with modern technology to escalate the final output level to new heights.

As an end result of the above, we anticipate socio-economic development across the world at a pace and scale never witnessed before.

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