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Our Raison d'Etre

We, at the Ampersand Group, are driven by the aim to transform lives by enabling livelihoods. We aim to create equal opportunities for all, regardless of socioeconomic background, geographic locations or gender.

We strongly believe that a strong democratised Education and Skill Training system is crucial for a developing nation, in order to ensure that its future generations are skilled, employable and prosperous.

Our end-to-end, innovative, sustainable, scalable and inclusive technology-led solutions for education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities help us create powerful on-ground impact at an individual and community level, thus enabling intergenerational progress and transforming lives.

We seek to leverage our pedigreed private sector expertise to partner with the government and other public sector institutions in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model to address Sustainable Development Goals. In this manner, we aspire to contribute to nation building.

We will continue to further democratise education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to ensure that every citizen is provided with equal access to a dignified way of life. We are also committed to maintain integrity, excellence and mutual respect in our journey together.

At Ampersand, we sincerely believe in EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY for one and all.

To transform lives across the world by reinventing elemental ecosystems through passion, innovation and purpose.


We genuinely care about our people and our planet.


We treat our people with utmost dignity and thus, embrace an open, diverse and inclusive culture.


We manifest sound virtues and ethics in every single endeavour.


We proudly present ourselves with reliability, efficiency and application to become a dependable partner.


We sincerely believe in the character and abilities of our people to deliver when it matters.


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