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Project 1962 Emergency Veterinary Services in Karnataka

Livestock plays a crucial role in mixed crop-livestock farming, which is a predominant farming model in India. In this type of farming, a majority of all economically significant livestock species and indigenous poultry breeds are owned by marginal and small farmers as well as landless individuals. It has been observed that more than half of the total household income of marginal farmers and the landless is derived from livestock rearing.

Mixed crop-livestock farming is a common practice in Karnataka. As per the 2019 Census, Karnataka is endowed with a large livestock population in all 31 districts, with a livestock population of Cattle - 84.69 lakh, Buffaloes - 29.84 lakh, Sheep - 110.51 lakh, Goats - 61.69 lakh, Pigs - 3.24 lakh and Poultry of 594.21 lakh.

Given the sheer size of livestock population in Karnataka and the dependency of small farmers on their livestock, there is an acute need for doorstep veterinary services. As per the recommendations of the National Commission on Agriculture, there should be at least one veterinarian for 5000 cattle heads. However, infrastructural gaps have historically limited farmers’ access to veterinary services, resulting in a loss of livestock due to unavailability of timely intervention.

Our Solution

Determined to find a solution to farmers’ woes, the state government of Karnataka has now initiated an innovative solution to take veterinary services to the farmers’ doorstep: Introducing the 1962 Emergency Helpline for Mobile Veterinary Units. Eduspark International Private Limited is a proud Project Implementation Partner for this project.

As PPP partners with the state government, we run 1962 Emergency Veterinary Services comprising a dedicated team of telecallers that is connected with a state-wide network of 275 Mobile Veterinary Units staffed by Veterinary Doctors, Para-Vets, Driver-cum Attenders as well as Emergency Vets.

Let us understand how this works.

  • Step 1: When a farmer calls the Toll-Free number 1962 for Emergency Veterinary Services for his cattle, elephant or horse, the call is attended to by a telecaller 24 x 7, at a Service Call Centre located at Pashupalana Bhavana, Bengaluru.
  • Step 2: On understanding the nature of the ailment, the telecaller reaches out to the network of 275 mobile veterinary vans situated all over the state and dispatches the mobile van in the shortest possible time.
  • Step 3: The veterinary team reaches the farmer quickly, attends to the animal in distress, providing on-site diagnosis, treatment, medicines and minor surgeries.
  • Step 4: In case of medical emergencies, the animal is referred to the nearest veterinary hospital.
Our Impact

From August 2023 to November 2023, we've so far answered over 1,60,000 calls and treated more than 1,00,000 animals, ensuring that our farmers receive the support they deserve during times of crisis.

Ampersand Group is on a mission to provide free emergency veterinary services to all livestock in Karnataka at the farmers’ doorstep. The health and happiness of their animals directly impact the livelihoods of countless farmers, and we're committed to making a difference.

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