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Rustom Kerawalla (Founder Chairman) - Ampersand Group

Rustom Kerawalla

Founder Chairman

Rustom Kerawalla is counted among the top pioneering entrepreneurs in India. His passionate advocacy for the cause of human development rests on the foundation of creating access to education, skill development and livelihood opportunities for all. The ultimate vision which drives Rustom is to create solutions which are sustainable, scalable and which help India reap the benefits of its huge demographic dividend.

As per Rustom, education and skill development are essential for the development of a nation. It is these sectors which ensure that the future generations are skilled, employable and employed gainfully, and are thereby in a position to contribute towards the progress of the nation. As the Founder-Chairperson of the Ampersand Group, Rustom has put this thought into practice and emphatically worked towards reinventing elemental educational and skill training ecosystems to enable national and intergenerational progress.

‘Rustom’s journey began as an edupreneur, when he founded the first VIBGYOR school in Goregaon, Mumbai, in 2004'. By 2006, this seed of a quality educational institution had grown into a professionally managed network of schools, collectively committed to following a holistic approach to learning and a fine combination of arts, athletics and academics to enable overall development of students.

With the birth of the Ampersand Group, Rustom’s vision of taking quality education to individuals across socio-economic, geographic and gender barriers was realized. Under his leadership, the Ampersand Group has grown into a multi-faceted, end-to-end solution provider for the education and skilling sectors. Ampersand Group is now a trusted PPP partner with the government in several government projects across the country. Along with VIBGYOR schools, the organisation handles operations and management of municipal schools, and of creches, Balwadis and Anganwadis and is also an important Project Implementation Partner for the government’s skill training programmes across the country.

Rustom is a strong proponent of leveraging Information Technology (IT) and modern digital platforms to transform India into a country with a vast knowledge resource base and skilled talent pool. The Ampersand Group is a tech-led organisation, adept at using technology to deliver better learning outcomes across socio-economic demographics, geographies and abilities.

In recognition of his contribution towards the Indian education landscape, he has been honoured with several awards and accolades and he has been included as part of the Confederation of Indian Industry Western Region’s Task Force on Education.

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