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The Power of EdTech

By Ampersand Group

Technology has successfully revolutionized every industry and every aspect of our daily lives. The education sector is no different. Technology has impacted learning and EdTech simply means a combination of two words - education and technology.

EdTech has transformed education and how children gain knowledge through different mediums. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a major contributing factor in the boom of EdTech across the world. As schools and education institutions were forced to shift to online teaching, the need for online education saw a spike.

While the pandemic is not around anymore, traditional learning experiences have been infused with technology. For example, smartboards, in-classroom tablets, interactive projection screens, apps for content, lesson plans or timetable and online examination portals have been implemented in schools.

Importance of EdTech in 21st Century

The role of technology in education has been significant. Like every other industry, technology has also impacted the education sector. The infusion of technology and education has become more significant than ever as more and more students are using digital resources to gain knowledge, understand concepts better and connect with other like-minded students who are prepping for competitive exams.

It is crucial for students to be aware of the use of EdTech in order to stay ahead of the curve. As for educational institutions, embracing EdTech can be beneficial as student success ratio rate can improve massively by implementing an interactive methodology.

What are the features of EdTech?

There are several features of EdTech that make it a desirable option for educators, students and parents looking to explore viable options. Some of the features of EdTech are:

1. Promotes fun and engaging learning

The infusion of technology into education makes lessons engaging and fun for young kids. With the help of attractive visuals, educators and parents can break down complex concepts in an interactive manner.

2. Empowers educators

EdTech empowers educators with tools, resources, and professional development opportunities to enhance their teaching practices. Learning management systems (LMS), educational apps, and digital teaching tools enables them to create interactive lessons and collaborate with colleagues.

3. Efficient Assessment Tools

EdTech helps streamline assessment and feedback processes, providing timely, personalized feedback to students and educators.

4. Accessible

The biggest feature of using an Edtech platform is that it can be accessed from anywhere. Students or learners have access to teaching material online and can continue with remote learning even while away from school.

5. Collaborative learning

EdTech facilitates collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing among students and educators, breaking down geographical barriers and promoting peer learning and interaction.

Ampersand Group - Features of EdTech

What are the benefits of EdTech?

EdTech has proven to be a boon, rather than a bane for children and educational institutions alike. Here are some of the benefits of EdTech:

1. Variety of education material

Several EdTech companies have emerged in India over the last decade. These platforms have transformed the education space as it has made a variety of education material easily accessible.

2. Interactive methodology

With the help of engaging and visual aids, education material on EdTech platforms is interactive and helps students to grasp concepts better.

3. Personalized learning

It enables personalized learning experiences tailored to individual students' needs, interests, and learning styles. One of the biggest benefits of using EdTech is that it allows all kinds of learners to learn and understand concepts at their own pace.

4. Lifelong learning

EdTech promotes lifelong learning and skill development by providing opportunities for continuous learning and upskilling.

5. AI in EdTech

Adaptive learning platforms, intelligent tutoring systems, and personalized learning pathways adjust content, pace, and difficulty levels based on students' performance and preferences, promoting more effective and engaging learning experiences.

What are the challenges faced while using EdTech?

While the benefits of EdTech outweigh its disadvantages, there are some challenges prevalent:

1. Tech issues

Various EdTech learning platforms are dependent on Internet connection or WiFi. This dependency can sometimes pose as a challenge as it might require schools or institutions to invest in resources to provide a robust tech infrastructure.

2. Difficult-to-use

As a beginner, EdTech platforms might be overwhelming for educators, parents or students who may lack the necessary digital literacy skills to effectively navigate and utilize these tools and platforms.

3. Impact on traditional learning

With changing living and lifestyle preferences of new-age parents, EdTech provides flexible learning options that accommodates diverse learning preferences, schedules, and lifestyles. Thus, this impacts traditional learning as parents may prefer homeschooling or blended learning modules.

4. Excessive screen time

The dependency on digital resources leads to increased screen time for children which often worries parents.

5. Access/Technology equity

Not every child or public school might have access to technological resources or digital equipment that requires them to access lesson plans or content. These lack of resources have been a major reason why several schools in India have still not embraced EdTech.

How does EdTech empower teachers?

Teachers and educators are empowered by EdTech in many ways, which improves their efficacy, efficiency, and creativity in a digital and smart classroom. Take a look at some of the reasons below:

1. Professional Development

EdTech gives educators the opportunity for ongoing professional development and learning. Online courses, webinars, virtual conferences, and digital communities enable educators to enhance their subject knowledge, pedagogical skills and technology integration strategies.

2. Efficient management

Digital tools to manage assessments, attendance, timetable and online study material helps teachers to efficiently manage smart classrooms and students.

3. Creativity and Innovation

Digital storytelling tools empowers teachers to explore new instructional strategies, experiment with innovative teaching methods, and unleash their creativity in a digital classroom.

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Ampersand Group - Benefits of EdTech


In all, EdTech has managed to bring about a massive change in traditional learning methods for good. It is here to stay and further transform how young children of India learn. It empowers them as well as educators and parents by providing them with access to innovative tools, resources, and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a high demand for positions in educational technology?

Yes, there is a high demand for positions in educational technology due to rapid growth in the sector and emerging technologies.

2. What significance does EdTech hold in the contemporary education sector?

EdTech holds significant promise for transforming education, improving learning outcomes, and empowering learners and educators to succeed in the digital age.

3. What challenges accompany the integration of technology into education?

Integration of technology in education poses several challenges as discussed above. From excessive screen time to its impact on traditional learning, there are a few. However, the benefits of EdTech outweigh its disadvantages.

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