Vocational Education

With our offerings for vocational education, we aim to bridge the gap between the industry needs for skilled manpower and the current scarcity of skilled manpower. We create educational models to enhance the industry readiness of students from knowledge and skill perspective and there by improving their employability.

We work with government, institutions and organizations reduce the manpower deficit of the country by facilitating individuals with the right sets of skills. Our products and services have been tailored for individuals looking to up their skill sets.

It is delivered via a cutting-edge platform to the users which is personalized and lets them decide his/her learning goal depending on their specific need and which is assessment driven. The content is highly democratized and interactive making it exciting and is available across sectors and technology that deal with motion and physics.

We are committed to scaling the delivery mechanism of vocational education to ensure it reaches all the potential resources across the semi-urban and rural areas; create synergy with the industry to enhance the vocational curriculum and stay future-ready and reduce the dropout rate at a secondary level with opportunity for vocational education.