Transport Services

We, at Trigon Transit, specialize in student transportation, executive transportation and personalized vehicle rentals through our fleet of nearly 700 buses and 60 cars.

Primarily, we are committed to provide efficient transport services to our student passengers with the highest levels of safety, technology, comfort, quality and service, assisted by valuable industry expertise over decades.

We constantly strive to perfect our services through continuous measurements, tracking systems and reviews of our services – by adopting the latest feedback mechanism and tools.

We collectively cover a distance of more than one crore kilometers via 2000+ routes every year. All our vehicles are equipped with latest technologies like CCTVs, live GPS tracker, ID card readers, speed monitors, along with safety devices like fire extinguishers and functioning emergency exits. Our young riders can be easily tracked by parents via mobile apps, enabled by live GPS trackers and CCTVs.

Our driving and non-driving staff, both males and females, are extensively trained and sensitised on multiple parameters so that your child’s ride is safe and secure, every single day.