Teacher Training

Today, schools are facing a severe crisis in attracting and retaining talented, passionate and capable teachers, which significantly impacts the education of our children and future growth of our society. Teachers do not have adequate opportunities for career growth in the current school system without further qualification. Teachers do not have easy access to quality education and the compensation structure for private school teachers is also not competitive.

We offer teacher training programme that is focused on the learning needs of 21st century, increase awareness for the changes in the education field related to the latest learning models, enhance knowledge base and understanding of student’s perspective; help them identify the factors influencing their relationship with students; help teachers reflect on their level of motivation; help teachers with tools and techniques that prepare their students for any future challenges and thereby have a positive effect on the society.

We aim to reach out to all teachers across the country through online access leading to cost-effective operations for both teachers and the government; we help in building a mechanism enabling lifelong learning for continuous professional development and career progression; facilitate access to Subject Matter Experts and their teaching methods; provide continued support from mentor master teachers for any guidance on real-life scenarios and issues; create a self-managed flexible learning environment for work, study and life balance and provide actionable recommendations on teachers’ individual way of learning and understanding training needs.