Sports & Events Management

Olympia Sports specialises in providing a detailed sports curriculum which aims to facilitate and promote sports as a co-curricular subject that supplements health of the students and enhances overall quality of education, along with the guidance to pursue the same at higher national levels. Olympia focuses on delivering an integrated and creative approach in the planning, promotional and execution phases of sporting activities, sports education, sports meets, national and state tournaments extracurricular activities and special events.

It also focuses on introducing children to education beyond their classroom through Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports and Performing Art activities, numerous sports like football, basketball, cricket, swimming which enhance development of kinaesthetic and spatial skills in students.

Further, Olympia Sports also identifies and nurtures inherent sporting talents of students in various sports by providing specialised trainings, support and guidance. These students are further boosted by representing their schools in the various inter-school competitions, which are usually a stepping stone for further advancements like state-level and national-level tournaments.

As a specialist event management company, Olympia Events helps its customers achieve their strategic objectives and showcase special events which create long-lasting impressions and memories. Olympia Events aspires to be the industry leader, driven by operational excellence, marvellous optics and preferential and exclusive customisations, as per various cultures and types of audiences.