School Management

For an educational institute to provide quality education to students, it is important that all academic and operational spokes function seamlessly and that is how Ampersand makes a difference. We offer comprehensive solutions for private as well as public educational institutions across India, from pre-schools up to Grade 12.

We believe that a student is the heart and soul of the educational system. Providing right guidance at appropriate times is crucial to her/ his overall development. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of academic services, curated by our vastly capable teams of Subject Matter Experts and well-supplemented by our Quality Assurance teams.

We also provide services like student-parent counselling, University application guidance, international University campus fairs, portfolio building assistance and alumni-connect platforms, while ensuring safety, comfort and security of every student in every way.

Our focus on defining a thorough and contemporary curriculum which is implemented through effective teaching methodologies is instrumental in the holistic development of our students. As mentioned earlier, our teams consist of highly experienced curriculum experts to provide appropriate academic guidance to educational institutes. Additionally, we also provide support services like examination modules, knowledge delivery systems, tracking & reporting tools and educational consulting.