About POD Works

POD.WORKS is a platform built on the philosophy of ’network of networks.’

It aims to build upon a robust and scalable digitalised knowledge network. The platform assimilates expert knowledge across diverse sectors to create interactive learning content for learner consumption. It uses advanced 3D multi-physics technologies that simulate real-to-life experiences for a truly immersive user experience.

The platform’s overarching goal is to interconnect the domains of education, skills and jobs. It prepares learners for tomorrow’s world. It highlights the diverse yet interconnected aspects of the entire school educational ecosystem, to continuous development, training and certification for teachers, and technical skills required in the engineering-manufacturing-operations sectors.

The platform utilises the latest machine learning techniques to facilitate personalised and effective interactions between individuals, institutions and businesses.

Developed by Knowledge Podium, a subsidiary of the Ampersand Group, POD.WORKS is used across India by lakhs of learners every day.

Website https://pod.works/