Online Material Supplies

KARE is one of India’s leading school supplies company. It aims is to be a comprehensive solution provider that facilitates all supply needs of its schools and students. It leverages modern digital technology to make the entire shopping experience convenient, engaging and transparent to all stakeholders, while also focussing equally on client servicing. Hence, it is often the preferred choice of supplier for numerous schools, students and their parents across the country.

As one of the leading school essentials and supplies company, KARE’s portfolio includes school uniforms, shoes, school bags, textbooks & notebooks, sportswear & sports equipment, monsoon wear, winter wear, class furniture, smart classroom solutions, RFID tag solutions, attendance & security equipment and secure student transport solutions to name a few.

Driven by a passion to simplify life for its customers and end users, Kare offers a wide variety of products and services that guarantee quality and competitive prices backed by reliable on-time supplies and genuine customer care.

Beyond its usual clientele of students and their parents, KARE often collaborates with school chains with a national presence, school chains that operate in one city or one state, standalone schools and individually-owned preschools.