KARE Enterprise – Company Information

KARE is a one-stop solution to provide schools and their students with a c refreshing online buying experience.  Our primary aim is to help students excel at school and play.

We would ideally prefer to partner with groups of schools, so that we could collectively work towards serving students for all their schooling needs and beyond.

As one of India’s leading school and office supplies companies, our product portfolio includes school uniforms, school shoes, sportswear, sports shoes, sports equipment, monsoon wear, winter wear, school bags, textbooks and notebooks.

Additionally, we also provide school furniture, smart classroom solutions, RFID solutions, student security solutions, student transport solutions and much more!

Impeccable quality, competitive prices, timely delivery, and dedicated customer care are the hallmarks of Kare.

Our clients vary from students and their parents to standalone schools, school chains, and corporates.

Our constant goal has been going beyond just customer satisfaction and achieving customer delight every single time. We get a great sense of validation, contentment and motivation when our customer tells us that they made the right choice with us.

About StudentKare.com

StudentKare.com is one of India’s leading online platforms providing school supplies and other children products.

At StudentKare.com, our objective is to make every parent’s life easier and better.

Our interactive online platform helps parents save their valuable time, effort and money, while shopping for school supplies and other products for their children.

We, at StudentKare.com promise an immersive yet simplistic and secure online shopping experience, while offering a wide spectrum of choices across product categories at the lowest prices!

(StudentKare.com is owned, operated & managed by KARE Enterprise)

Website https://www.studentkare.com/toys.html