Hubble Professional

Good teachers are foundational to good education and if we want to improve our education system we need to prepare, develop and empower our teachers. Our country is reeling under a serious crisis which is a dearth of qualified teachers. Today’s children are ‘digital natives’ as they have been exposed to technology at a very young age, which makes them fast learners. Their exposure outside formal education is quite vast. In order to keep pace with these children, their teachers have to be abreast with latest methods, tools and techniques. There is a need for complete overhaul of teacher training programmes. Teacher training is a continuous process, with pre-service and in-service training being its inseparable components.

The World Development Report On Education (2018) states that “Teacher skills and motivation both matter” and that individually-targeted, continued training is crucial to achieving learning improvements through teachers. The traditional methods of teacher training and sporadic support are not enough.

To evolve from this situation, the content needs to be personalised suiting the skill levels and assessment driven. The trainings have to be more interactive, fun-filled and localised. It also involves group study on digital platform connecting with each other. Teacher training programmes need not be only aiming for creating professionally qualified teachers but also improve their motivation and effectiveness in their professional performance in the classroom, in the school and the community at large.

Our teacher training content is focussed on 21st century approach leading to learning pedagogy and evaluation, fundamentals of child development, safety practices in school, basics in health and nutrition, professional skills.