Hubble Innovation

The POD.WORKS is a cloud-based platform through which Eduspark’s Products and Solutions team delivers next generation interactive audio-visual learning and training resources.

What we do?
The Products and Solutions business delivers high accuracy, comprehensive content through scenario based audio-visual simulations that users can interact with for high engagement, learning quality and retention of knowledge. The solutions cover the K-12 as well as Engineering-Manufacturing domain for both students and teacher in self as well as blended learning models.

Solutions are developed in a modular fashion using a toolkit DAIS (Digital Advanced Interactive System) and cover guided activities as well as simulated practical which not only enhances learning quality but also improves learning productivity for the customers.

The solutions offer comprehensive MIS reports with power analytics that highlight not just progress and performance, but also trends across multiple roles and categories.

We, at Ampersand, believe that examination and assessment management is core to the success of any educational institute assessment strategy. As an examination service provider, we offer test content, consulting, delivery and reporting services.
Key Characteristics:

The POD.WORKS platform enables multiple roles to collaborate with each other for the purpose of learning and sharing the knowledge. The platform is configurable to implement various workflows as per specific customer requirements.
The POD.WORKS platform: Democratizes through the network of multiple actors, personalized interactive high visualization content as well as community connects.

  • Personalized:
    • Learning goal suited to your skill level learning path
    • Learning path tailored to your need
    • Pre-packaged PODs for specific profiles
    • Assessment driven source to learning the objective based destination
  • Democratized
    • Across sectors that deal with motion and physics
    • Across technology – current and cutting edge
    • For all roles and persons
    • For local context – language, practice
  •  Networked
    • Knowledge creators and aggregators
    • API like mechanisms for knowledge delivery
    • Relevance and quality standards for content
    • Multiple actors (Givers & Seekers): Learners & Job Seekers, Trainers & Employers, Certifiers & Assessors, Counselors
  • Socially Connected
    • Group study on a Digital platform
    • Connect with others, share information, and make teams
    • Learn as a part of small challenges against each other or in teams
    • Discover groups
    • Publish posts
  • Engaging
    • More than fun and excitement
    • Interactive – Do it yourself, guided practice
    • Immersive environments